Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Mount Adams and Mount Madison, White Mountains National Forest, NH

Airline Trail

Airline trail is a tough hike before you get to the alpine

The wind was howling up to 50mph, we were hoping the weather would turn in the afternoon

Because of the weather, we decided to go down to the Madison Spring Hut and wait it out 

Mount Madison obscured by clouds 

On our second attempt at the summit of Adams, the wind picked back up and we decided to head back to the hut again and go for Madison later in the afternoon

Mount Madison Summit 

Madison Spring Hut, airline trail in the background 

Hikers on the ridge above King Ravine on airline trail

Valley Way 


Monday, August 13, 2018

Blue Glacier, Olympic National Park, WA

We arrived late to the Hoh River Trail trailhead and we hiked a flat 10 or so miles through the beautiful Hoh Rain Forest to Lewis Meadows and set up camp

The Hoh River, next to Lewis Meadows 

Day 2 our target was the foot of the Blue Glacier, spending the night in Glacier Meadows

Mount Tom

Blue Glacier and Mount Olympus

On Day 3 we hiked the 20ish miles back to the Hoh Visitor Center, starting with an early morning rope ladder